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TERMS AND CONDITIONS WARRANTY ONLY APPLIES TO PARTS LABOUR IS NOT COVERED UNLESS NOTED Terms & conditions I hereby authorise the changes to your vehicle herein to be carried out by Automodz Garage, and agree that: • The changes carried out toward your vehicle by the company will be done based on the job that has been agreed prior to commencing labour and this only. Labour fees may apply for any additional labour if it is in the company’s best judgement that this labour must be carried out. • Once consent has been given to Automodz Garage to repair your vehicle, it must be understood that if any vehicle impairments are at the fault of the company this information will be made transparent to you. Henceforth, Automodz Garage will carry out the required labour to repair what they are accountable for. • Upon leaving the garage with your vehicle, any damages that were not identified by you in the premises cannot be deduced to be the fault of the company and therefore the company will not be not liable to repair what you believe has been broken. • If the customer believes that any damages have not been declared by the company, then Automodz Garage will agree to retrieve recordings from their self-contained surveillance system which will record all labour carried out on your vehicle. If the aforementioned footage does not encompass any evidence that parallels with your beliefs, Automodz Garage will not be liable to cover for any damages. • Once authorisation has been given to carry out work on the vehicle, you must understand that certain sections of the car may need to be dismantled in order to carry out the modification process. These sections of the vehicle that will be dismantled will be protected to ensure the car will not be damaged in the process. • You will be giving consent to Automodz garage to drive the vehicle in and out of the workshop area and by doing so no changes will be made to the condition of the car. If a test drive is required by Automodz Garage that is directly related to the work carried out on your vehicle, you will be contacted prior to the test drive. Automodz Garage agrees that a test drive will not be performed without your consent, and a separate form shall be provided by the company. • If it is evident beyond a reasonable doubt that damages to the car are a result of wear and tear, then Automodz Garage is not liable for it and is not responsible to fix them. Wear and tear may include damage related to age or to previous work done to the vehicle that was not carried out by the 5 • company. This also includes if any sections of the vehicle are disturbed while the installation or labour has been carried out.

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