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    Changery brilliant level up to 7.5 version


    Custom light guide up 30% brightness. Transform from white Delight into a turn signal! As soon as you turn the direction, it will turn yellow


    Delight: It consists of a high brightness LED white light tube. The lighting effect during the day is still shining, it fits perfectly with the style of genuine car. Lighting effect that surprised people when driving.


    Turn indicator: It is not only a turn signal of a new era, luxury cars. Level up the quality of the whole car. When it is lit it is a flowing mode, glow of light island. We will send you a bright turning signal, we will give you a pleasant run!

Waterproof treatment is given


Material: ABS / PMMA / PC


By adopting PC material, it exhibits excellent potential in transparency, impact resistance, heat resistance and flame retardancy.


With Heller 5 lens mounted, the low beam can gather more light. A straight cut line, the brightness is more than three times as genuine.


Headlights of all LED specifications, instantly light up instantly. High beam: 50% increase in irradiation range, 3 times increase in brightness


Heller 5 projector is the king of lights!


Lumen: It is a unit of luminous flux


The low beam can ship a quiet cut line with Hera 5 projector!


LED high beam support: LED high beam support light adopt high brightness LED projector. Combine with two LED high beams and two LED support highs to realize a wider irradiation range that is equivalent to four super brightness high.


Can be supplied only or supplied and fitted 


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Can be collected AutoModz shop/garage

273 prince regent lane 

plaistow, london 

E13 8SD



DRL Full LED Headlight For VW Golf7 MK7 2013-2017 Halogen Front Light Headlights

Color: Black
  • Can be collected AutoModz shop/garage

    273 prince regent lane 

    plaistow, london 

    E13 8SD

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